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Cotton Bowl 2017 Tickets

Held every year on January 1st, the Cotton Bowl has had a firm reputation as one of the biggest and most exciting college football games of the year. Ever since the first ball was passed in 1937, the Cotton Bowl has risen in popularity. Held alongside other major college football events on the same day, the Cotton Bowl remains a beloved, essential institution to those who truly love college ball.

Since the 2014 season, the Cotton Bowl Classic has stood as 1 of the 6 bowls featured through the College Football Playoff. Originally founded in Dallas in 1937, the Cotton Bowl has become one of the most popular, intense college football games to be found anywhere in the world. Texas has made the most appearances in this game with 22 (11 wins, 10 losses, and 1 draw). Texas A&M comes in at second with the most appearances, having won five games, while losing eight. An MVP is also given out to each team. Do you want to witness this great football event live? Then you’d better get your Cotton Bowl 2017 tickets today, or you might miss out!

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